Bid No.: T2022/34

Bids are requested from service providers registered on the Central Supplier Database for the supply and
delivery of disaster relief material at Amajuba District Municipality.
NB: This bid will be evaluated in terms of the 80/20 preference point system as prescribed in the
Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (No 5 of 2000) and for this purpose the enclosed forms
must be scrutinized, completed and submitted together with your quotation.
The bid document will be emailed to the bidder upon producing proof of payment of a non-refundable fee
of R500.00 per document. Deposits must be made into the Amajuba District Municipality bank account:
Standard bank account Nº 062156624 with the reference number 20223420234. Bidders are
required to email proof of payment, name of bidding company and its contact details before 12h00, 02
December 2022 to khethiwem@amajuba.gov.za. Evaluation of bids will be done on bid companies that
submitted their proof of payment before 12h00, 02 December 2022.
Bidders are required to submit original tax clearance certificate/ Tax Compliance Status Pin or CSD
number and valid B-BBEE Status Level Verification Certificates or certified copies thereof together with
their bids, to substantiate their B-BBEE rating claims. Failure to submit the proof of B-BBEE Certificate
will result in forfeiting the points. In terms of Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2011 and SABS
approved technical specification number SATS 1286:201x – Bidders are requested to complete the
declaration form for local content (local production and local content are used interchangeably) of which
failure to complete MBD6.2 and Annexure C will render your bid non-responsive.
Completed bid documents in sealed envelopes endorsed “Bid No. T2022/34: Supply and delivery of
disaster relief material” must be deposited in the Municipality’s tender box located in the reception of
the Amajuba District Municipality on or before the closing date, whereby quotations will be opened in
public. Bid envelopes that are NOT sealed and numbered will not be considered. Bid documents that are
late, emailed and not deposited in the tender box will not be considered. The Amajuba DM is not obliged
to award the lowest or any quotation. The tender validity period is 90 days.
All technical enquiries should be directed to Mr Thulani Zwane on 034 329 7200 or by email:
thulaniz@amajuba.gov.za and for enquiries regarding the quotation procedures, kindly contact Mr
Sabelo Zulu on 034 329 7200 or by email: sabeloz@amajuba.gov.za

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