Mayor's message to Grade 12s writing exams

It is that time of the year when our Grade 12s sit for their year-end final examinations, not forgetting the other lower grades. It is for this reason that as a Mayor of Amajuba District Municipality, I take this opportunity to wish them well as they start this gruelling process which is another step in human development.

It is during this period when we advise and urge parents, grandparents, guardians and other family members to give their children extra love, care and support while they prepare and write their final exams. We must all let them know that they have our unconditional support as they face this important gateway to their adult life.

We must as parents, grandparents, guardians and other family members share with them that even if they do not do as well as we and they would have liked, this is not the end of the world. There are always other opportunities to write again and improve on their matric results.

We urge all our Grade 12 to conduct themselves with honesty during the exams because cheating and other exam irregularities will result in a criminal record. We trust that you have taken advantage of the extra classes arranged by the Department.

We wish to extend our deepest warm regards to all the Educators who for the whole year have dedicated their life and time in preparing our children for the better future. Your contributions will not go unnoticed. We wish you well too during this time because we understand that this also serves as a period when you evaluate yourselves for all your efforts for this particular year.

We further urge all faith-based organisations and all churches to pray for this period, let there be peace and warmth in all our examinations centres. Let God Almighty close space for demonic evils during this period. 

An exam is not just a test of your academic knowledge; it is a test of your calmness, stability and courage. All the best for your exams. In ending, on behalf of Amajuba District Municipality and the family of municipalities within our district, I wish to assure you of the love we have for you. I wish to see you in our next Grade 12 Excellence Awards and hope to see you in the list of the best performers in the KwaZulu-Natal Province.

Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane 
His Worship, The Mayor 
Amajuba District Municipality