Mayor's Message COMBATING THE COVID-19

Fellow patriots,


On behalf of Amajuba District Municipality, I hereby wish to advise the residents of our district as follows:


  1. That our Municipality support and will comply with the declarations and directive of the President and National Government in an attempt to curb and combat the Coronaviruse.


  1. That we kindly request our people to also do so as our lives and those we love are dear and important.


  1. The regular washing of hands, keeping safe distance, staying indoors and all other precautionary measures should be strictly adhered to at all times.


  1. That our essential services will be operational during the Lock Down, and all possible measures to provide water to our people would be made.


  1. We therefore wish our people well as our country go through these trying times. May the Lord God be with us throughout this period.


This too shall pass.



HW Cllr Dr MG Ngubane

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