Lengola High School learners and teachers finally have clean and safe toilets


The lives of the learners and teachers of Lengola High School in Dannhauser will never be the same. This comes after the school received two new easy-flush toilets from Envirosan who partnered with ROCLA to deliver these high quality and safe toilets to the school. The new toilets were handed-over to the school on the 8th February 2019

The intervention and this success came after the Mayor, Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane, was approached by the Principal of the school during the 2019 KZN Government School Functionality Programme at the neighbouring school. The Principal could not miss an opportunity to take the Mayor to his school to witness the hardship and challenges faced by the learners and teachers who had no proper toilets.

The Mayor touched by what he witnessed made a quick call to various stakeholders to assist. In no time Envirosan responded that they were willing to assist with two toilets.

These two toilets are much better than the normal VIP toilets because of safety features, water saving method, can be connected to a water system and takes more than 10 years for them to be serviced.

The construction of these types of toilets gives local communities job opportunities and skills as all the material needed can be manufactured and approved on site.

The teachers and learners of Lengola High School will no longer be forced to go to neighbouring schools and households to relieve themselves.

The hand-over of these toilets was witnessed by the Mayor of Dannhauser Local Municipality, Cllr J.P Phakathi, the School Governing Body (SGB), the parents of learners of the school, Induna of the area, Councillors, who were all present.

A dignity of an African child and a teacher has been restored, all through the intervention of the Mayor who has good relations with the business community!