KwaZulu-Natal Legislature monitors schools at Amajuba District


10 June 2020

The KwaZulu-Natal Legislature visited various schools around the Amajuba District to monitor their compliance with the COVID-19 protocols. The visits started on the 9-11 June 2020. Some of the schools visited by the delegation are Amazulu High School, Sithobelumthetho S.P School, Esididini Primary School, Ndabenhle Primary, Muzokhanyayo Scondary. The team will also visit the schools that were vandalised during the Lockdown period to assess the damage.


The KZN Legislature’s delegation was led by Hon B.M Zuma and Hon P.A.T.N Buthelezi who were joined by the National Members of Parliament, Hon Ms JCN MaMkhwanazi and Hon Dudu Sibiya, the Mayor of Amajuba District Municipality, Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane, the Speaker of Amajuba District Municipality, Cllr Phumzile Mgcina and the Speaker of Newcastle Local Municipality, Cllr Samkelisiwe Yende.


The team in these schools monitored compliance with wearing of masks, social distance observation, water availability, cleanliness of the classes and toilets, screening, and access control.


All schools visited were found to be compliant with learners and teachers wearing masks, observing social distance, the toilets were clean and there is water and sanitisation stations for learners and teachers to keep their hands clean.


The delegation was also impressed with the commitment of the screeners at the entrances of all schools visited. They seemed properly trained and did not want to take chances by allowing any individual to enter the schools’ premises before being screened.


Hon B.M Zuma commended the teachers and learners for their efforts in eliminating the spread of the COVID-19. He also reminded them that wearing a mask is not just a compliance matter, but it is meant to protect lives. “We were disappointed when we visited some schools to find out learners only wear masks when they are in classes or within the schools’ premises. Please wear your masks in all public spaces for your protection and for those around you”, said Hon BM Zuma.