Amajuba district swears in new mayor after Vuselwa Bam recalled

The IFP-led Amajuba district municipality in KwaZulu-Natal has sworn in a new mayor, Misizwe Ndabuko Zulu, after Vuselwa Bam was recalled last week. 

In his speech, Zulu said he was honoured to be trusted by the council and wanted to emphasise the importance of civic participation and collaboration within the community. 

“I believe the coalition government you have put in charge of this municipality is ready to deliver the best services you desire and change the lives of the people of this district.”

Zulu urged councillors to put aside their differences and work collectively. He was confident that in doing this, issues including water and sanitation could be addressed.

“I humbly request that we put all our efforts together for the benefit of our people. With rational, collaborative effort, we can work together to further the best interests of our residents,” he said.