ADM officially receives support from Global Fund

Amajuba District Municipality on the 3rd September 2018 through the Office of the Premier and Provincial Treasury’s programme aimed at reducing new HIV infections, TB, STIs, received a new mini-bus which will assist with the roll-out of the programme in wards identified as the most affected.

To kick-start the programme, 4 wards were identified in Newcastle Local Municipality and another 4 in the Dannhauser Local Municipality.

The Mayor, Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane, in receiving the state-of-the-art vehicle motivated the Community Care Givers and the responsible officials to respect this responsibility they have been given. “We are excited about this whole programme because it brings us closer to those in need. For it to be successful we will rely on you foot soldiers and we are convinced that you will render your services with respect and humility. This programme could open doors for many of you who have for years struggled to find employment so it will make sense that you respect every minute of it”, said Cllr Ngubane.

The programme has already started with the appointment of Community Care Givers in all affected wards, 2 drivers and a professional nurse who will all be tasked to do community visits and conduct health screening, awareness campaigns and ensure that patients who are on chronic medication receive their medication in time and preferably from the comfort of their homes.

The programme will further be assisting the youth, young women in particular, who completed their Grade 12 but because of various reasons could not further their education. They will be assisted with information on various skills development programmes and career paths available for them. This will be done for the intention to reduce teenage pregnancies.

The work had already resumed even before the receival of the mini-bus which will assist in the execution of the above-mentioned duties. More equipment will be provided for the purpose of this programme which for now is planned to run until March 2019 and its impact will be assessed by all involved parties.