The Amajuba District Municipality (ADM) is located in the north-western corner of KwaZulu-Natal and comprises the three local municipalities of Newcastle (KZ252), Emadlangeni (KZ253) and Dannhauser (KZ254). The ADM is 6 910 km² in size with Utrecht occupying the largest area of 3 539 km², Newcastle some 1855 km² and Dannhauser some 1 516 km². The main transportation routes linking the District to its surrounds including the N11 which is the alternative route to Johannesburg from Durban, and the rail line which is the main line from the Durban harbour to Gauteng. The R34 also bisects the district in an east-west direction and provides a linkage from the port city of Richards Bay to the interior.

The district is viewed as a major industrial centre with several key industries anchoring development in the region, notably: steelworks, textiles, chemicals and petroleum products. Agricultural activities (dairy and crop farming) are well organised within the district and there is considerable scope for expansion into agri-beneficiation activities. A well-developed tourism sector with numerous natural beauty attractions and an emphasis on the battlefields, adventure tourism and the accommodation requirements of business visitors is also evident in Amajuba.