MFMA Section 75


This page curates the links to material required by section 75 of the MFMA


(1) The accounting officer of a municipality must place on the website referred to in section 21A of the Municipal Systems Act the following documents of the municipality:
(a) 🗸 The annual and adjustments budgets and all budget-related documents;
(b) 🗸 all budget-related policies;
(c) 🗸 the annual report;
(d) 🗸 all performance agreements required in terms of section 57(1)(b) of the Municipal Systems Act;
(e) ☓ all service delivery agreements;
(f) ☓ all long-term borrowing contracts;
(g) ☓ all supply chain management contracts above a prescribed value;
(h) ☓ an information statement containing a list of assets over a prescribed value that have been disposed of in terms of section 14(2) or (4) during the previous quarter;
(i) ☓ contracts to which subsection (1) of section 33 apply, subject to subsection (3) of that section;
(j) ☓ public-private partnership agreements referred to in section 120;
(k) 🗸 all quarterly reports tabled in the council in terms of section 52(d); and
(l) ☓ any other documents that must be placed on the website in terms of this Act or any other applicable legislation, or as may be prescribed.

(2) A document referred to in subsection (1) must be placed on the website not later than five days after its tabling in the council or on the date on which it must be made
public, whichever occurs first.