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Fashion Meets Film

Fashion Meets Film


On the 25th of March 2017, Amajuba District Municipality, its family of local municipalities, KZN Film Commission, and KZN fashion Cluster held a unique show at Osizweni Community Hall, dubbed as the: Fashion meets Film”. The show was characterised by fashion and glamour which saw our local fashion producers displaying their work in the presence of the gurus of the industry. Amongst some of the renowned fashion gurus in attendance were Mr Derrek Mhlongo, and Ms Palesa Kwitshana (M.D. KZN Fashion Council).


The show was officially opened by the mayor of Amajuba District Municipality, Cllr. Dr Musa Ngubane. He welcomed everyone and made key remarks regarding the role of fashion and film in nation building and social cohesion. “The fashion industry is by far the largest employer of note, from production to designing and marketing, said Cllr, Dr Musa Ngubane.


Ms Palesa Kwitshana (M.D. KZN Fashion Council) spoke profoundly about the positioning of creative arts as a career which must be supported by families and the communities at large. She urged everyone to buy more of locally produced garments. Addressing the representatives of large clothing and textile industries, Ms Palesa Kwitshana urged them to transfer skills to local people as part of their social corporate responsibility.


The show ended with the screening of the movie titled “Kalushi”, which details the life and times of Solomon “Kalushi” Mahlangu who was murdered by the apartheid government aged 22 years old. The movie is currently in cinemas and has been screened abroad to much delight of the audience.


Such movies speak directly to the thinking shared by the former president, Mr Thabo Mbeki in that young people needed to know about the past in order for them to contribute meaningfully to the future. Those in attendance we delighted to be part of a well-organised show which focused on Local Economic Development and educating the people of Amajuba about the past. 

amajuba fashion 01 


One of the local models showcasing the locally designed dress.


amajuba fashion 02


Mayor Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane, opening the Fashion Meets Film Event 



Amajuba News

Cllr MG Ngubane Hon Mayor
Cllr MG Ngubane (Hon Mayor)
Cllr SE Nkosi Deputy Mayor
Cllr SE Nkosi (Deputy Mayor)
Cllr AF Rehman Speaker
Cllr AF Rehman (Speaker)