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Amajuba DM Networking Breakfast

Amajuba District Municipality and Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal hosted a business networking breakfast on the 12th March 2015 at Blackrock Casino in Newcastle. The aim of this initiative was to have business people under one roof for them to share information on what can be done to develop the economy of the district.


The breakfast session was attended by the Mayor of the Amajuba District Municipality, Cllr JCN Khumalo, Mayor of Uthukela District Municipality on her capacity as the board member of Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal, Cllr Dudu Mazibuko, business people from Amajuba District representing different sectors, the representatives from the local municipalities and the young business people from the local schools.


Cllr Dudu Mazibuko in her address commended Amajuba District family of municipalities for their efforts in developing the district. “As a Mayor of the neighbouring district municipality, Uthukela, I always receive questions from our residents who ask us as to ‘why cant we do what is happening in Amajuba’? We really proud of what has been done in this district and we wish to congratulate the leadership for their efforts”, said Cllr Mazibuko.


There was also a presentation from Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal which highlighted the key projects in the Amajuba District supported by the organisation. Further to that the presentation focussed on the responsibilities of Trade & Investment in business development. There were also announcements on key projects planned for the district.


This initiative was welcomed by the business people who saw these as an opportunity for them to share views or experiences.


Trade  Investment KZN BN1

Trade  Investment KZN BN

Some of the delegates who

attended the breakfast session

The Mayor of Amajuba DM and Mayor of

Uthukela DM with the young Scientist from

Newcastle High School and his teacher

Amajuba News

Cllr MG Ngubane Hon Mayor
Cllr MG Ngubane (Hon Mayor)
Cllr SE Nkosi Deputy Mayor
Cllr SE Nkosi (Deputy Mayor)
Cllr AF Rehman Speaker
Cllr AF Rehman (Speaker)